What is hip fire in Call of Duty: Mobile?

Learn the lingo.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty is one of the most iconic shooter franchises in gaming history and it finally became available on mobile devices in 2019. The anticipation was rightfully high and players expected the same level of quality that CoD featured every year on other platforms.

TiMi Studio certainly delivered when it comes to quality and CoD: Mobile has turned out to be a success even though it entered the market later than its competitors. While CoD players won’t have a hard time adjusting to the mechanics, newer players may find it difficult to get up speed with all the lingo and various aspects of the game.

When you first pick up CoD: Mobile, you’ll find out that aiming down sights (using ADS) will allow you to be more precise with your shots. Aiming down sights may not always be your best option, however, since there’s a small animation delay. Hip firing can be better than ADSing if an enemy just pops up a couple of steps ahead of you.

Hip firing basically refers to shooting without aiming down sights. Your shots will be less accurate when you hip fire, but it won’t matter that much when you’re close to your target. The close distance will make up for the increased bullet spread and you’ll save time since you won’t need to wait for the ADS animation to finish before you can fire away.

Though it’s effective in close proximities, hip firing in long-range scenarios will often yield poor results. Hip firing increases your bullet spread, which will make it relatively hard to land long-range shots. If you’re in a house or a building and you’re checking every room, then you may want to prioritize hip firing over ADSing.

Hip firing often works best with weapons that have high fire rates or shotguns. If there are two enemies in a single room and one of them is closer to you while the other is far, you can easily take out the closer one by hip firing and quickly ADS to finish the other enemy in the back.