What is GTA V roleplay?

This is GTA's answer to Goldshire.

Image via Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto V roleplay is the Twitch sensation that everyone’s talking about right now.

Everyone’s played GTA at some point—you know, Rockstar Games’ classic shoot ‘em up title. It’s the game defined by carnage, high-speed car chases, and free-for-all murder. It’s hectic, and it’s tons of fun—especially when online comes into play.

But the roleplay part is essentially World of Warcraft meets GTA. There’s no beloved Goldshire, though. You can’t roleplay as a Human Paladin, fully coated in pink armor. But there are sports cars, automatic weapons, and helicopters. It’s mayhem, and it has the potential for some absurdly hilarious situations.

The roleplay is a mod for GTA V. If you have access to the online version of the game, you’ll be able to join a roleplaying server. They’re similar to the regular servers, but they’ve been modified so that instead of playing your normal character—the protagonist of the story—you take on an entirely different role.

You might spawn into the server as the criminal you’ve come accustomed to playing. Or you could take the role of the leader of a notorious gang. But equally, you may just as easily be something as mundane as a chauffeur, or even an milkman.

Each and every server is different, but some are more strict than others. You essentially have to play by the rules and stick to your assigned role, but that rarely seems to happen.

There’s no time to compile a sentence, like WoW. You have to take advantage of your acting skills. Your microphone comes into play and instead of sitting in your chair in a darkened room, you take on the role of your character. You escape reality for a second and are forced to abide by the GTA V universe.

It’s an experience that can be enjoyed alone, but it’s much more entertaining and engaging with a couple of friends by your side. It’s a blast, and if you happen to own a copy of GTA V, it’s well worth playing.