What are Class Chips in Call of Duty: Mobile?

Don't ignore these helpful upgrades.

Image via Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile brings some beloved CoD gameplay to mobile devices, complete with an exciting battle royale mode. Players parachute into a large map with only a knife and their wits and must scrounge for supplies when they hit the ground. There are other ways to improve your loadout, like Class Chip locations, which will enhance your class ability. 

Once you load into a battle royale match, open your map to find purple squares scattered throughout the play area. These are Class Chip locations, which can be used after a short period. It’s a good idea to gather supplies before heading to these areas to avoid being an easy kill for lurking players. 

Screenshot via Activision | Remix by Dot Esports

The station will count down before activating, and you just need to interact with the station to upgrade your class ability. If done correctly, your ability will glow purple, which is now more powerful or useful. 

Some challenges require players to use an upgrade class ability multiple times, meaning you’ll have to successfully use a Class Chip first. Just make sure to use the ability multiple times after upgrading to ensure you complete any challenges. 

These challenges can only be completed in the battle royale mode, meaning multiplayer fans will have to venture into the large battlefield if they want to complete this objective. Don’t worry, it’s relatively easy and should only take a couple of games at most.