Tyler1 reacts to Riot’s plan for punishing players for dodging in ranked League

He wasn't too pleased.

Photo via Riot Games

Riot Games recently shared its plans to enforce harsher punishment upon players who dodge ranked games in League of Legends. Streamer Tyler1 is not a fan of these changes, though.

Using himself as an example, Tyler explained why he believes that punishing players who dodge in champ select is not going to benefit the game.

After bringing up his match history, Tyler pointed out that after losing 13 consecutive games, he was auto-filled into the support role and chose to play Aurelian Sol with teleport and flash.

“People want my teammates to be punished for dodging this game,” Tyler said. “Are you out of your fucking mind?”

For Tyler, the new harsher punishments Riot plans to put in place don’t address the true issues that players are encountering in the ranked queue. The streamer listed some of the problems he feels are key reasons for players dodging.

“Number one: you [should] need a certain masterly level to lock in a fucking champion,” Tyler said. “There’s no world where I should even be able to lock in Aurelian Sol in a ranked game. Period. Second problem, I got auto-filled support. Everybody on the enemy team was on roll, so that’s two, autofill isn’t balanced.”

Under these new changes, punish players who dodge games lose 3 LP for their first offense. The next two dodges will cause the player to lose 10 LP each. Additionally, the second dodge within 24 hours will automatically cause the player to be locked out for 30 minutes. The third time, they will face a 12-hour lockout.

You can check out all of what Riot plans to change here.