Tyler1 pulls off insane outplay with Irelia


Screengrab via twitch.tv/loltyler1

Popular streamer Tyler1 proved once again why Irelia is still one of the most powerful top-lane champions in League of Legends right now.

During a recent stream, Tyler was 4-0 in his lane against Annie. In an attempt to shut down the streamer’s momentum, the enemy Kayn and Shaco decided to roam up top with the three champions to go all-in against Tyler.

The team’s initiation was perfect, with Annie getting behind Irelia and landing a stun followed by her burst ultimate. This combination forced Tyler to retreat toward the enemy tower before dashing back in on the approaching Kayn. Tyler made short work of Kayn before dashing through and dealing massive damage to both Annie and Shaco on his way to safety.

At this point Tyler’s jungler, Lillia, entered the lane and chased down Annie, eliminating her while Tyler took down the Shaco in pursuit of him. This altercation ultimately stifled the enemy’s attempt at turning the tides in the top lane and also allowed for Tyler’s team to take down the Rift Herald without losing any towers.

Ultimately, despite being camped in the top lane the entire game, Tyler and his team emerged victorious winning in dominant fashion.