Tyler1 gets one-shot by Gangplank combo while playing Annie


Screengrab via twitch.tv/loltyler1

Tyler1’s quest to reach challenger rank within League of Legends playing only in the mid-lane has been going quite well–but he’s still running into small hiccups here and there.

The streamer already reached Master rank, but being deleted with a single blow while playing Annie in a recent game certainly won’t build up anybody’s confidence.

In the clip, Tyler and two teammates were defending his inhibitor tower against the team of enemies setting up their siege. As it seemed that the opposing team had backed off, Gankplank set up a Powder Keg, which took the streamer’s health from almost full to zero on detonation.

At just level 13, Gangplank dealt a critical strike, dealing1305 damage to Annie and instantly taking her down. Much of this is thanks to the Gangplank going 5/1 in the laning phase and having a charged Manamune and two other finished items. To his credit, Tyler had been performing quite well in the game and had built himself multiple finished items, although this wasn’t enough to save him from the damage.

With the momentum from the early pick, the enemy team was able to siege the base and eliminate the rest of Tyler’s defending allies, quickly disposing of the towers and finishing the game.

Tyler was not stoked with the outcome or Gangplank’s immense damage at just 22 minutes into the game. But Tyler’s run to Challenger continues, one-shotted Annie or not.

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