TSM disqualified from CoD: Mobile World Championship, its first tournament in the game

The team was disqualified from the North America playoffs for an undisclosed reason.

Image via TSM FTX

TSM FTX has been disqualified from the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship North America playoffs 2021. This was the first competition for the North American organization in the game since it signed the roster on Sept. 3.

During the livestream, Alex “GoldenBoy” Mendez, who is casting the championship, said that TSM was disqualified for a “rules violation.” The exact reason behind the disqualification wasn’t revealed, though. TSM entered the mobile game just two days ago with a roster featuring Solid, Cyzu, TipWrath, Hihi, Gamer, Slothy, and haxs.

The team won their first match against Primals comfortably with a score of 3-0. In the semifinals, they were up against ARP Gaming and looked to be in a good place to secure one of the two slots to the CoD: Mobile World Championship Finals 2021. They were disqualified, however, and ARP Gaming directly advanced to the upper bracket finals.

This wasn’t the only occurrence of a rule violation in the regional playoffs, though. Tribe Gaming had to replay one of their matches against NYSL Mayhem because they used a “banned item” during the game. NYSL won the game and sent the favorites, Tribe, to the lower bracket.

Tribe eventually bowed out after losing 3-2 in the lower bracket against Xplicit. The team already secured a spot at the CoD: Mobile World Championship Finals 2021, though, for winning the Masters tournament in July.

NYSL Mayhem and ARP Gaming placed in the top two today to become the last teams from North America to make it to the CoD: Mobile World Championship Finals. The competition will happen later this year as a LAN event. Activision hasn’t revealed any more details about it yet.