Trademarks filed by Riot suggest more board games are on the way

Are they making a tabletop esport?

Image via Riot Games

Last month, Riot Games filed two trademark applications which appear to be related to board games. Both applications were filed through the Justia Trademarks website.

The first is named RIOT TABLETOP and was filed on Aug. 13. It was given the International Class number 028, which signifies games or toys. And it’s specifically listed as having to do with board games or equipment used for playing board games. Additionally, the trademark page includes an image of the assumed logo, which includes the Riot fist along with “RIOT TABLETOP” underneath. At first glance, this looks to be the name of Riot’s board game brand. Assumedly, any board games released by Riot would be under this name.

Image via Riot Games

TELLSTONES is the second board game-related trademark and was filed by Riot on July 29. According to the statement of goods and services, TELLSTONES has to do with tabletop games specifically “providing online video games.” This could mean Riot is planning for an online board game. It also lists “arranging and conducting live competitions” as part of the deliverables, suggesting Riot may want to turn the game into an esport. 

Riot Games is no stranger to board game creation. In 2016 the company released the tabletop game, Mechs vs. Minions. The game became wildly popular and sold out almost instantly. Mechs vs. Minions holds an 8.1 rating on BoardGameGeek. Considering the success of Riot’s first board game, it wouldn’t be far fetched for the company to continue releasing tabletop titles. But outside of the trademark applications and speculation, no other information has been released regarding Riot’s board game pursuits.

On Oct. 15, however, Riot will be hosting the 10th Anniversary Edition of Riot Pls. Here, the team will shed some light on what is coming in the future. Right now, Riot has confirmed that this year’s preseason changes and Teamfight Tactics updates will be discussed. But perhaps Riot will hint at these board game trademarks as well.