Top 5 CS GO Players In ESL Pro League Season 3

A list of the five best players active in the third season of ESL Pro League

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Despite the fact that competitive games tend to be team-based, the outstanding plays from superstar CS GO players keep fans coming back for more. Similar to most competitive games, an amateur can learn how to play CS GO just by watching the best players ply their trade. Whether you are looking to climb the CS GO ranking or master one of the other popular steam games, knowing who to watch and why will take you a long way. Here is a list of the five best players active in the third season of ESL Pro League.

#5 – Nikola “NiKo” Kova? – mousesports

 One of the hottest rising stars on the CS GO circuit, the Bosnian NiKo continues to be the standout player from the mousesports lineup at each offline event. NiKo has established himself as a top rifler who can fill in as a secondary AWPer for his team when needed, making him a versatile threat to opposing teams. Though mousesports tends to finish between 8th and 12th place at events, NiKo’s performances consistently net him in the top 10 of the CS GO ranking.

#4 – Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz – Astralis

 A number of top teams have struggled throughout 2016, with Astralis consistently holding their ground in the top 5 of the CS GO ranking. Armed with elite level skills with either an AWP or a rifle, dev1ce has remained a key contributor to Astralis’ success and consistency. As one of the top players in the world for well over a year, dev1ce continues to improve and impress. Once considered a player who could have the occasional off-match during a big game, dev1ce has pushed his game along to a point that makes him a great player to watch when you want to learn how to play CS GO at a high level.

#3 – Marcelo “coldzera” David – Luminosity

 While Luminosity has evolved from being an obscure Brazilian team to one of the most talked about teams in competitive games, coldzera has quietly established himself as a breakout star. Back to back performances at MLG Columbus and Dreamhack Masters Malmö solidified coldzera’s position as one of the elite CS GO players, with a highlight round against Liquid in Columbus that arguably changed the outcome of the entire tournament. His talent with rifles and an AWP alike have made coldzera a difficult player to predict, as his style inside of a bomb-site can shift and change every single round. With an answer for every situation, coldzera will continue to help Luminosity maintain their position as a top 3 team in the world.

#2 – Robin “flusha” Rönnquist – Fnatic

 Though he is the sole in-game leader on the top 5 list, flusha’s reputation as one of the best players in the world of CS GO has yet to waver. Considered to be a model of consistency, flusha does not just show up to matches and play well, he plays tremendously. To this day, stream viewers wait in anticipation for the next VAC shot from flusha; a shot so good it makes you believe flusha is cheating. As a mainstay of the fnatic roster since 2013, flusha’s unmatched skills have made him a crucial member of the most successful team in CS GO.

#1 – Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács – Natus Vincere

 As one of the most talked about players in all of CS GO, GuardiaN has proven himself to be a god with the AWP. Despite the fact that the Luminosity began winning maps over NaVi, the Brazilians had only recently gained an edge on GuardiaN in AWP battles, largely due to an injury that has begun to affect GuardiaN’s reflexes and aim. Though GuardiaN has struggled through his recent injuries against some of the top competition, he has still performed competently, pushing through his injury to help NaVi achieve back to back second place finishes within the span of two weeks. While his injury has become a major story-line throughout March and April of 2016, GuardiaN’s consistent domination of his opponents and his ability to carry his team through the direst situations places him above the other CS GO players. Once GuardiaN is completely healthy again, Natus Vincere will be nearly impossible to unseat from their position as the top team in the world.

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