TLDR: League of Legends Patch 7.2

Hate reading large patches every time? Let me get to the point for you and skip all the fluff.

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Patches are long at times. Sometimes, we just want to know what’s going on. So down below, I’m going to quickly summarize all that was said in the recent 7.2 League of Legends patch in the least amount of words possible.

Champion Updates


Warwick rework released. For full information, click here.


Akali – BUFF

Given that her core item is being nerfed this patch (see more in the Items section), Riot is taking the opportunity to not only offset the hit to Gunblade, but get Akali to a slightly stronger spot than she was at before.

R ratio up.


Darius – NERF

Riot also wants to reward opponents who can duel Darius by outplaying Decimate, providing they do so with caution. You should still try to avoid his giant axe altogether, but if you really want to fight the Hand of Noxus, you might have a better chance to do so now.

Passive damage reduced on early levels.

Q damage reduced when hit by the handle.


Gragas – BUFF

Beefing up the Rabble Rouser’s early game enables him to more safely finish his first clears and ramp up through the rest of the game.

Armor increased.

Heal on passive increased. 


Graves – Still No Cigar

The bug was in place for so long that we had balanced around it, and Graves mains had grown accustomed to the extra refreshes. So, we’re putting the behavior back in and changing the tooltip instead.

  • True Grit refreshes off any instance of damage.


Katarina – NERF

Katarina’s lethal takedowns should reward anticipation, execution, and dagger tossing; repeatedly clicking on your opponent in the early-game no longer carries as much weight toward that end.

  • E ratio down.

LuluSquare.png Lulu – BUFF

Lulu’s prevalence as a solo laner was characterized by a combination of strengths she made little trade-offs for, making laning against her a particularly frustrating affair.

  • Passive damage up.
  • Q mana cost reduced.

Master YiSquare.png

Master Yi – BUFF

To be clear, we’re not getting rid of Meditate’s insta-cancel uses with these changes. Instead, we’re making the channel more appealing and less punishing so the decision isn’t quite as lop-sided.

  • Double Strike no longer fizzles if the first hit kills a unit.
  • If Double Strike’s first hit kills a unit, the second strike now searches for a new target within 300 range (prioritizes killing blows)
  • Meditate pauses E and R durations and stacks Double Strike.


Nidalee – BUFF

Making Bushwhack a more consistent Hunt activator – especially in lane – should reward creative Nidalees without putting them right back on top.

  • Base health and Human E’s heal up.
  • Human W now functions like wards.


Yasuo – NERF

Yasuo’s still supposed to ramp into a late-game carry, so we added a ratio to E so he gets some of that damage back as the game progresses.

  • E damage down.
  • Now has an AD ratio.

Item Changes

 Image result for lol lethality


Riot is tuning up Lethality’s damage no matter when you buy it. This change mostly favors early purchases.

  • Lethality’s base effectiveness up.

Image result for lol duskblade

Duskblade of Draktharr

Riot is adding some more bite to Duskblade’s effect to make it shine in the situations you’d expect to see it succeed.

  • Damage after having not been seen increased.

Image result for lol edge of night

Edge of Night

Targeting the cooldown opens up more flexibility and room for error when using the spell shield, making the item less punishing when you predict a team-fight incorrectly. Toss in the potential to gain multiple spell shields per fight, and you’re looking at a change that just might push this item over the edge (of night).

  • Active cooldown reduced.

Hextech Gunblade

Riot wants Gunblade users to feel good about buying into an aggressive option, but the effectiveness of the item was just too much.

  • Active damage reduced at early levels.

Image result for lol redemption item


Riot is significantly toning back its early strength, but keeping the team-fight impact that makes the item so redeeming.

  • Health down. 
  • Heal down at lower levels.
  • Mana regeneration up.

Image result for lol knights vow

Knight’s Vow

Riot wants to see how this patch shifts the support item landscape before making substantive changes to Knight’s Vow. That said, a lower price point should help encourage supports to make the switch.

  • Cost down.

Image result for lol Eye of the Equinox

Eye of the Equinox

Riot is making Eye of the Equinox a bit more attractive for tanks to hit both problems with one stone.

  • Cost increased.
  • Cooldown reduction added.

Image result for lol Ardent Censer

Ardent Censer

Riot is adding some scaling so Enchanters get more bang for their buck as the game progresses.

  • Attack speed and health drain buffs now scale with target’s level.

Image result for chalice of harmony

Chalice of Harmony

Chalice is missing the mark as an option to keep supports alive while they spellcast. Slightly more magic resistance should put it on track.

  • Magic resist up.

Jungle Changes Galore

Jungle monsters spawn three seconds later.

  • INITIAL JUNGLE SPAWN :: 1:37 >>> 1:40
  • GROMP AND KRUG SPAWN :: 1:49 >>> 1:52


  • ATTACK DAMAGE :: 45 >>> 70
  • [NEW] RUNNING OUT OF BREATH :: Attack damage decreases over the first five attacks to 50 (matching Gromp’s decaying attack speed over the first five attacks).
  • [NEW] BOOM BOOM :: Gromp’s first two attacks are now shown as critical strikes.

Ancient Krug

  • BASE ATTACK DAMAGE :: 60 >>> 80


  • INITIAL SPAWN TIMER :: Between 5:00 and 5:30 >>> 6:00 and 6:30

Rift Scuttler

  • FORAGING :: Rift Scuttlers now eat nearby Honeyfruit. If you kill them while they’re eating, you have no heart.

Masteries and Summoner Spell Changes

Image result for courage of the colossus

Courage of the Colossus

Riot wanted to focus Courage of the Colossus on team-fights, leaving room for Grasp of the Undying to excel in extended trades.

  • Duration down.
  • Base shield now scales with number of nearby opponents.

Image result for ghost league


The problem stems from Ghost giving all of its speed upfront, padding the punishment for slow response time.

  • Ghost takes time to ramp up to its maximum movement speed. 


  • Eliminated some inconsistencies with how Control Wards reveal and disable wards.
  • Lucian’s Passive – Lightslinger now correctly fires a second shot if it kills a champion on the first attack.
  • Lucian’s W – Ardent Blaze no longer fails to hit enemies in brush or Fog of War.
  • Fixed a bug where Zyra’s seeds from both W – Rampant Growth and Passive – Garden of Thorns weren’t respecting their spawn cap.
  • LeBlanc’s Q – Shatter Orb no longer fails to bounce to enemies with Passive – Sigil of Malice if LeBlanc is too far away.
  • Fixed a bug where Riven’s E – Valor could cancel crowd control applied by displacement abilities.
  • Ahri no longer occasionally extends the attack range of the first basic attack of targets hit by E – Charm after the charm effect wore off.
  • Shaco’s Passive – Backstab attacks now appropriately generate overheal shield from The Bloodthirster.
  • Camille’s second cast of Q – Precision Protocol now correctly damages wards at level 16 and higher.
  • Fixed a bug where Anivia’s empowered R – Glacial Storm indicator was visible through Fog of War.
  • Syndra’s Dark Spheres are no longer displaced by Blast Cones. Something something minions…
  • Fixed a bug where Zyra’s dead body could intercept ARAM’s snowball.
  • Enemy spell shields are no longer consumed when a nearby Kha’Zix evolves an ability.
  • Fixed a bug where if Quinn E – Vaulted Gangplank at the same time as he triggered a E – Powder Keg explosion on multiple targets, it made for one fast pirate.
  • The range indicator for Rengar’s Passive – Unseen Predator is now consistent across all skins.
  • Trundle no longer speaks over himself when using R – Subjugate if he’s already talking.
  • Fixed a spectator bug where after skipping forward or backward, Ethereal DJ Sona would sometimes leave disembodied chunks of her gear on the map.
  • Guardian of the Sands Skarner no longer causes an insanely loud noise to play if certain actions were taken.
  • Fixed a few display bugs on Mac with the on-hover outline that appears around units.
  • When an Azir kills another Azir with a different skin, the dying Azir no longer steals his killer’s skin’s death animation particles.
  • Emumu’s bandage particles during R – Curse of the Sad Mummy are once again appropriately emo.
  • Popstar Ahri’s R – Spirit Rush no longer uses on-hit particles from Foxfire Ahri.
  • Lulu and her skins once again play their running animations when hasted, rather than walking really really fast.
  • Sad Robot Amumu’s W – Despair puddle no longer spins around as Amumu changes which way he’s facing.
  • The ambient glow effect on the Hextech Ward skin no longer cuts in and out on some video quality settings.
  • Fixed a bug causing Omega Squad Teemo’s night vision goggles glow while Invisible to be active at all times.
  • The mirror reflection of River Spirit Nami’s staff is now reattached to the staff’s surface, rather than the ground.
  • Fixed a bug where various buff visuals (ex. Banshee’s Veil) weren’t following Riot Blitzcrank around during his recall animation.

New Skins

Heartseeker Lucian

Heartseeker Quinn

New Chromas

Popstar Ahri

Prestigious LeBlanc

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