TimTheTatman spectates a Warzone hacker with a 85 K/D ratio

Cheaters are running rampant in Warzone.

Screengrab via TimTheTatman

The hacking problem in Call of Duty’s Warzone continues to be an issue for one of Twitch’s biggest streamers, Timthetatman, who encountered yet another cheater in the first game of a recent stream.

While playing his solo spectator mode, where the streamer instantly dies so they can spectate other players, it wasn’t long before a hacker appeared. After gunning down the player who Tim had been spectating, the streamer continued watching as the level-eight player went on a rampage and won the match.

“This is legitimately the state of Warzone right now, I am not kidding you, the last three games that I have spectated over the last two days have had cheaters in all of them,” Tim explained.

The cheats shown off during this match appeared similar to those that fellow Twitch streamer xQc encountered when being stream sniped by a viewer last week. During that stream, the player told xQc the cheats only cost him $20 and that he had never been permanently banned for using them.

Shortly into spectating the player, Tim was informed by his chat the player had an 85 Kill/Death ratio, according to CODTracker.

“How is there no automated system?” Tim questioned. “This guy has an 85 K/D and there’s no anything, right? There’s no red flag that can go up and be like, ‘Howdy guys, this guy has an 85 Kill/Death ratio. Maybe we should look into this one.'”

Tim asked his moderator to report the player to a contact he has within the Warzone banning team, but it isn’t clear if the player has been banned yet.