XQc encounters hacking viewer in Warzone

The player claims cheating only cost them $20.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/xQcOW

Encountering stream snipers on Call of Duty: Warzone is nothing new for xQc, nor is encountering a hacker as the game has been plagued with them for the longest time. During a recent stream, xQc encountered someone doing both and was able to get some insight into their hacking ways.

The stream sniper, “ReportMeIHack,” whose clan tag was “xQcOW,” hunted down and eliminated xQc. With a hunch that there was some shady business going on, the streamer chose to remain in the game and spectate the player, witnessing his seemingly “magic bullets.”

With the player tuned into the stream, xQc asked if he was using a hack similar to that of the Overwatch magic bullets system, which would give the appearance that a player was missing their shots and not hacking. This was confirmed by the player in-game, who nodded when xQc posed the question on stream.

Continuing their unique form of communication, xQc asked the player if he’d been banned before, to which he shared that he had been banned.

Eager to learn more about the hacker, xQc was even able to get them to admit the cost of the hacks they had been using, which apparently only set them back a measly $20. He also shared that to avoid being IP banned, he’d enlisted the help of a VPN to hide his personal IP address.

To no real surprise, the player was able to continue on his hacking-assisted rampage and emerge victorious during the match.

“The anti-cheats and the systems are not good enough to counteract it [the hacking],” xQc said. “It’s going to be complete degeneracy.”