The disappearance of Longzhu Gaming: LCK Week 7 Recap

Check out all of the results for week seven in the LCK.

Calming down after last week’s telecom war extravaganza, week seven of the LCK returned to its normal format. Teams were back to facing two different opponents, with results being as expected, except for one team: Longzhu Gaming.

On a downward trend, Longzhu has lost their past three matches, with one of their losses being to the Jin Air Green Wings, who, at the time, was tied for last. If this was the Afreeca Freecs or bbq Olivers, this downward trend would be more understandable. But this is Longzhu, who before this string of losses looked better than ever. Beating every team not named SK Telecom T1 or KT Rolster, by the end of week five, Longzhu was clearly the third best team in the LCK.

But in the middle of week six, coincidentally the same time when coach SSONG left the team, Longzhu began to lose games. In these loses, the members of Longzhu looked off, individually playing to a much lower standard. In an interview with Naver, a Korean publication, Kang “GorillA” Beom-hyeon, Longzhu’s support hinted to internal issues within the organization. While we can speculate on the possible issues within the organization, what we know for certain is that Longzhu has dropped to sixth place, currently out of playoff contention. Seeing as they still have to play against KT and SKT, it is paramount that Longzhu wins their other four games if they want to make the playoffs. Hopefully, Longzhu can rectify their problems by week eight when they play against Kongdoo Monster and KT. The last thing anyone wants to see is another year of Longzhu mismanaging and effectively wasting top talent.

Weekly Results

SK Telecom T1 2-0 Jin Air Green Wings

MVP 2-0 bbq Olivers

Afreeca Freecs 2-1 Samsung Galaxy

ROX Tigers 2-1 Kongdoo Monster

KT Rolster 2-0 bbq Olivers

Jin Air Green Wings 2-0 Longzhu Gaming

Afreeca Freecs 2-0 MVP

SK Telecom T1 2-0 Kongdoo Monster

KT Rolster 2-0 ROX Tigers

Samsung Galaxy 2-0 Longzhu Gaming

Current Standings

1 – SK Telecom T1 (11-1)

2 – KT Rolster (9-3)

3 – Samsung Galaxy (8-4)

4 – MVP (7-5)

5 – Afreeca Freecs (7-5)

6 – Longzhu Gaming (6-6)

7 – ROX Tigers (5-7)

8 – bbq Olivers (4-8)

9 – Jin Air Green Wings (2-10)

10 – Kongdoo Monster (1-11)

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Article by Malcolm Abbas. Follow him on Twitter @SmashhLoL.