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Tfue is taking a break from streaming on Twitch

He has yet to say when he'll be back.

Screengrab via Tfue

Top Fortnite streamer Turner “Tfue” Tenney needs some time to himself. He feels “trapped in a negative crawl space” and isn’t happy despite having anything he could ask for. That’s why he announced that he’s taking a break from streaming earlier today.

Tfue was vague about the time off he’ll take. He only made sure his fans understand that he’s unhappy, though he didn’t detail it either. Earlier today, Tfue retweeted another Fortnite streamer who wrote that they hate the game’s weekly online tournaments, the Cash Cups.

Fellow streamers replied to Tfue’s tweets. His former duo Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore supported him and wrote that Tfue has “nothing but love from everyone around you.” Other streamers and pros also told Tfue to keep his head up and sounded supportive of his decision to take a break.

Tfue’s break comes at a time when he’s frustrated with Fortnite. He’s said multiple times that he’d quit the game, but he never did and instead just flirted with streaming other titles like Minecraft. Despite Fortnite’s decreasing popularity among players and Twitch viewers, Tfue’s channel is still one of the most-watched on the platform.

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This is the first time Tfue has taken a break from streaming. The only other times he spent a period away from Twitch was when he got banned last year, once for reportedly selling Fortnite accounts and another due to his chat’s behavior. In one of his last bans, Tfue lost about 11,000 subscribers, which was about half of his subscribers at that time.

It’s unclear what Tfue will do during his break from streaming. He’ll likely stay away from Fortnite and professional competitions in the meantime as well since he has yet to find a valid trio to compete with in the Fornite Champion Series after his recent split with Cloakzy and 72hrs.