Tfue's girlfriend asks him to end drunk Fortnite World Cup qualification celebratory stream | Dot Esports

Tfue’s girlfriend asks him to end drunk Fortnite World Cup qualification celebratory stream

Part of Tfue's celebration took him out his window.

Photo via Tfue

After popular Fortnite competitor Turner “Tfue” Tenney qualified for the Fortnite World Cup Finals yesterday, things got a little rowdy. When Tfue realized his 69 points were enough to qualify him for the chance to compete for $30 million later this summer, he celebrated with an impromptu drunk stream.

As the alcohol flowed, Tfue’s antics sent him out the window of his ground-floor streaming room. After he jumped out the window, friends and family showered him in Champagne. Tfue later returned to the stream to thank his viewers and catch up on the recent subscriptions and donations to his channel.

While Tfue drunkenly addressed his stream, his girlfriend, Corinna Kopf, spoke to him off camera and asked him to end the stream. In March, Tfue announced his relationship with Kopf, an Instagram model. Since their relationship began, Kopf has made appearances on Tfue’s stream.

This time, though, it appeared she was ready for Tfue to end his stream. “OK, alright, chat he has to go he’s drunk," Kopf said. "Let’s go, come on.” Tfue followed his girlfriend's request, though not without sharing some parting words with his stream. “Thank you guys so much, I love you guys," Tfue said before shutting down the stream. "I’m getting off. I’m not even slightly tipsy—I love you guys, I’m hanging up."

Regardless of whether Tfue was actually tipsy—though his candor heavily suggested it—his qualification for the Fortnite World Cup Finals is certain. He'll compete for $30 million in prize pool money in New York from July 26 to 28.