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Tfue fakes build fight to troll stream sniper in Fortnite

He has no time for sweats.

Image via Tfue

Fortnite: Battle Royalesweats,” a term used to describe try-hard players, love to do one-vs-one build fights in custom lobbies. But Turner “Tfue” Tenney has no time for that. He just ends these before they even start.

Tfue was streaming a casual match yesterday when he was left with only a stream sniper in the lobby. That opponent seemed to be inviting him for a build fight since they weren’t trying to shoot at Tfue, but rather grab his attention. When the player built two ramps forming a “V,” Tfue knew this was an invite for a build fight.

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Tfue wasn’t excited but accepted it. But he played it the way he wanted to and instead of starting a build fight, he trapped the player inside a one-by-one with two damage traps and eliminated them before they could react.

“Don’t you fucking stream snipe me, bitch,” Tfue said after eliminating the player. “What the fuck do you think this is?”

In a regular build fight, Tfue was supposed to have walked forward a few tiles while building upward to try to build over his opponent soon after and then to get an elimination. The goal of these one-vs-one fights is to practice building strategies and for players to measure who’s the best at the building mechanics in the game. But these rarely happen in standard matches, especially because building up so high means that if someone destroys the base of your structure, you’ll die to fall damage.

Tfue has never been the kind of player who likes to show off his building skills in these fights. He just likes to win, and maybe that’s part of the reason why he trolled his stream sniper in that clip. Fans like this who try to sabotage his gameplay are frustrating Tfue and anyone trying to do that can probably see this coming from the pro.