Tencent to shut down Call of Duty Online, players to be pushed toward CoD: Mobile

Call of Duty Online players will be compensated with items in CoD: Mobile.

Image via Activision

Tencent will completely cease operations of Call of Duty Online in China on Aug. 31, the CODOL operation team announced today.

The free-to-play microtransaction CoD title that was released exclusively in China in January 2015 will shut down due to declining revenue and a lack of renewal from Activision, according to a tweet by analyst Daniel Ahmad from Niko Partners.

CODOL players will be pushed to Call of Duty: Mobile, a game that was released in April 2020 but arrived in China in December. It has a common multiplayer mode and a battle royale mode as well that features up to 100 players.

Before CODOL‘s servers shut down, players can continue to play the game, participate in activities that are still in progress, and use their remaining tokens. After Tencent shuts down the game, though, all account data and character information will be erased.

To incentivize CODOL players to switch to CoD: Mobile, the devs will be giving out items as compensation. “The gift packs of other games involved in this compensation activity will also serve as a replacement for the player’s unconsumed virtual currency and unexpired game services (if any) in the player’s game account,” the official announcement reads, according to a machine translation.

You can read more about how the compensation activity to earn items in CoD Mobile will work on the event’s official website.