Summit1g shares his thoughts on New World, calls PvE combat ‘sad’

The streamer believes that the boss fights need better mechanics.

Screengrab via Summit1G

One of Twitch’s most seasoned streamers and MMO veterans, Summit1g, recently shared his thoughts on Amazon’s first entry into the genre, New World, which entered its beta testing phase last month and concludes in a few hours.

The MMO has been quite the success so far, boasting over 200,000 concurrent players on Steam days after the launch of the beta. But it doesn’t seem to be for everyone. Summit pointed out some key aspects that he wasn’t too fond of.

One such aspect, the PvE combat in New World, was something that Summit specifically criticized, saying it “looked sad.”

“PvE, hack and slash, your fight is completely different, your boss has to do mechanics that you need to completely avoid, and so far all I’ve been seeing is five or six people get around a boss and just spam their attacks on them, and that is fucking it,” Summit said. “I think it’s kind of sad in a PvE sense. Like how do you not have a fucking dragon slamming down waves in areas that you have to avoid or something? Maybe I just haven’t seen that part but right now it’s just like ‘oh, farming high-level dungeons!’ and they’re just in there whacking this fucking little guy for all his HP all crowded around him, and it’s just like ‘dude, this is so dumb.'”

Summit prefaced his opinion with the fact that he hadn’t participated in this most recent beta phase and that his exposure had mainly come from glancing at other streamers’ gameplay. Summit’s reasoning for not testing out the game for himself during the beta phase is that no progress would be saved once it ends. Thus, he felt it’d be a waste of his time.

The streamer wasn’t completely in the negative on the game, however. Summit said there were aspects that he did like alongside those he didn’t and he’s eager to see what happens when the game fully launches later this month.

With the beta coming to an end soon, New World is set to launch on Aug. 31 as long as there aren’t any last-minute delays.