Smoke Bomber class arrives in Call of Duty: Mobile

Players will be able to see through smoke.

Image via Activision

A new battle royale class has joined the action in Call of Duty: Mobile. The Smoke Bomber enables players to see enemies through smoke and fires a Cluster Smoke Grenade.

The battle royale class’ passive ability is called Smoke Perspective. This makes enemies visible through smoke by outlining them with a red line. The passive also increases a player’s movement speed when they’re attacked while running.

The main ability of the class is the Cluster Smoke Grenade, though. This is a smoke grenade that takes some time to charge up before it can be used. When the Cluster Smoke Grenade is thrown at a location, it explodes and sends numerous smaller smoke grenades in a radius around it. This creates a wall of smoke through which players are visible due to the class’ passive ability.

The Smoke Bomber is a part of the features released with the season seven update for the game, called Radioactive Agent. The update also brought a massive expansion to the battle royale map of the game, called Isolated. As many as seven new locations have been added to the map.