Shroud says he didn’t like playing with Apex Legends’ Wattson

He tested the character earlier this year.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A lot of Apex Legends players are eager for new content, like one of the leaked legends, Wattson. But top streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek isn’t that excited about the character’s release.

Data miners found and leaked Wattson along with Octane, who’s available now. Shroud said he play-tested the character earlier this year when Respawn invited him to test some of Apex’s features and before Octane was officially revealed. If shroud’s play-testing means something, players should see Wattson become available soon.

But shroud said he didn’t like playing with Wattson back then. “I didn’t hate it,” Shroud said. “I just didn’t like it. That’s all.”

He said it’s similar to him playing Caustic, another Apex character he doesn’t like. He didn’t detail exactly what he doesn’t like about Wattson, though.

What we know about Wattson so far is that the legend’s abilities could be related to electricity. One image data miners found tied to her in the game files was an electric trap, which looks like the Tripwire in Titanfall 2. An image of how she might look shows her using protective clothing and a bag that could be an electricity generator to set up her abilities. If her abilities also revolve around placing traps and luring enemies onto them, that could be the reason why shroud compared her to Caustic, who has this playstyle.

Even though there was speculation that Respawn would release Wattson in season one, it looks unlikely at this point. It’s set to end on June 18, and Respawn already used its release to add Octane to the Apex roster. Wattson could come as the star of season two and become available for all players to purchase on day one, just like Octane.

Respawn has yet to confirm when it’s releasing Wattson.