Pyth Returns to NiP

Following a hand injury earlier this year, Jacob “pyth” Mourujärvi has recovered and is ready to get back to what he does best.

Back in August, Ninjas in Pyjamas announced that after monitoring a hand injury, Jacob “pyth” Mourujärvi would be taking a break to recover from the injury. The nature of this injury was reduced mobility in his right hand, and was a result of the long practice sessions. Despite taking a 14-day break, Pyth had not recovered enough to continue playing, so NiP gave him time to recover. Since this was before ESL Pro League Season 4, NiP acquired Joakim “disco doplan” Gidetun as a fill-in, who at the time was a player for Epsilon Esports. Later on, Maikel “Maikelele” Bill stepped in to take over in Doplan’s place.

Today on Twitter, Pyth revealed that he would be making his return:

Despite only being able to watch his team, Pyth wishes that he could have helped NiP during their defeats. “I got more nervous from watching the matches at home than playing them because you get a different view of the game,” Pyth said. “Sometimes when they lost, I wish I could do something about it.” Having watched from afar for long enough, Pyth is ready to get back to playing alongside his team. Having seen his performance in the FACEIT Pro League, it looks like he’s coming back better than ever.

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Jordan Aldridge-Payne is an esports journalist for GAMURS and can be reached on Twitter @mrjordanap.

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