PUBG: New State 90 FPS support mentioned in deleted tweet

It's unclear why the tweet was deleted.

Image via Krafton

PUBG: New State could support 90 frames-per-second (90 FPS) at launch, according to a since-deleted tweet on PUBG: Battlegrounds’ Twitter account.

PUBG PC tweeted out a trailer earlier today for New State, which is set for a global release on Nov. 11. The caption said that the game has “advanced mobile graphics” that will be “up to 90 FPS.”

The tweet was deleted shortly after. The trailer was released again, but this time, there wasn’t any mention of 90 FPS support. It’s unclear why the initial tweet was deleted.

PUBG Mobile, on the other hand, supports 90 FPS on select devices. Players will be hoping to see the higher frame rate in New State as well.

PUBG: New State will be released on Nov. 11 in the Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store, and the Samsung Galaxy Store. Krafton has said that it will be launching “multiple-launch celebration events” since it aims to lure players into the new battle royale title for mobile devices.

On release, PUBG: New State will have two battle royale maps: the New State exclusive Troi and a revamped Erangel map. A TDM mode and training ground will also be available.


Wasif Ahmed
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