PUBG Mobile unveils a collaboration with The Walking Dead

Players can earn exciting rewards throughout the event.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile is joining forces with The Walking Dead to bring an event to the game. The Walking Dead board game gives players the chance to earn supply and classic crate coupons, a silver bullet AKM skin, and a permanent Daryl’s motorcycle skin.

The Walking Dead board game is a unique and new concept to the game. It can be found in the Events tab of PUBG Mobile. Once there, players have a choice between three vehicles to move across the board: the motorcycle, Tukshai, and the pickup. All of these vehicles will give players the chance to advance to different spots on the board. With the motorcycle, players can move one to two spots. The Tukshai will allow players to move three to four spots, while you can go five to six spots with the pickup. 

Image via Tencent

The board has several spots that are each marked with a different item. Each of them grants or deducts points. Players have to advance on the board and collect points while avoiding the places that might deduct points. Effectively using the different vehicles will enable players to do this.

To advance on the board, players have to spend gas cans. These gas cans must be earned through the Adventure missions center, which will be refreshed every day. Players can also get a gas can for just logging into the game, which can be easily acquired to move on the board.

Points can then be used to get the supply crate coupon (10 points), classic crate coupon (30 points), 10-day silver bullet skin AKM (60 points), and the permanent Daryl’s motorcycle skin (120 points).

Image via Tencent

If a player manages to complete a round of the board, the map will automatically regenerate, giving competitors the chance to earn more points. Completing rounds also gives players some extra rewards.