PUBG Mobile Esports is getting a digital card game with pro players

Fans will be able to get cards of their favorite pros.

Image via Tencent

Tencent has partnered with Epics GG to create the PUBG Mobile Esports Player card. Fans will be able to compete globally with other players in this digital card game.

The preview, posted by PUBG Mobile Esports’ Twitter account, showed what the cards will look like. Top players from the East and the West, such as Beowulf, Carrilho, Luxxy, and Jonathan, were featured.

The card rates players on five metrics: Kills, damage, headshot, survival, and knockdowns. Every player card will have an overall rating as well.

Each players’ card ratings and statistics are directly based on the performance in the ongoing PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) season zero finals. Tencent has said it will be releasing more information regarding the cards in the coming days.

The PMWL Finals for the East and West are currently underway. The finals are being played from Aug. 6 to 9 with the top 16 teams from each region competing. Each team will play 24 matches to decide the winners who will walk away with $100,000.

This is the first season for the World League. It was supposed to be an offline event in Katowice, Poland but was moved to an online setting due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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