Problem X Wins Sonic Boom VI

The Brit won the first European Capcom Pro Tour event of the year.

Benjamin “Problem X” Simon has taken home victory at Sonic Boom, propelling himself towards the top of the Capcom Cup standings.

Problem X took down Adel “Big Bird” Anouche in a hard fought grand final. Big Bird clawed his way up from the losers bracket after falling to Problem X in the Winners Bracket Finals. He had to defeat Li-Wei “Oil King” Lin to set up a rematch in Grand Finals.

Big Bird started off the grand final in lacklustre fashion, losing the first game in the series only to turn it around straight afterwards to reset the bracket and take Problem X down to the losers bracket.

Now it was anyone’s game. Problem X looked like he took his foot off the accelerator as a much improved Big Bird hammered down on his opponent. Problem X wasn’t looking to lie down and found his way back into the game, rekindling some of the magic that got him to Grand Finals in the first place to tie the series 2-2.

The final game was a clutch contest with both players neck and neck but Problem X capitalised on mistimed moves from his opponent to cement his win and walk home with the title.

Problem X already had 40 points on the leaderboard going into the Ranked tour from his 13th place finish at Final Round 20 last month. The win means that Problem X moves up to fourth place on the global leaderboards, tied with the reigning Capcom Cup champion, Team Liquid’s Du “NuckleDu” Dang, after securing 160 points from his Sonic Boom VI victory.

Problem X wasn’t the only player taking home a good finish at Sonic Boom. Echo Fox’s Justin Wong finishing in fourth place, and Millennium’s Jean-Baptiste “Will2Pac” Wilfried, playing his first pro tour of the year, finishing in joint 17th place.