Priest taunts, Warlock quests and a brand new Elise—the latest Un’Goro cards revealed

Card reveal season is underway.

After weeks of anticipation, Journey to Un’Goro’s card reveals have begun.

During a livestream last night, ten new cards will be revealed. These cards, and 125 others, will be added to Hearthstone in just a few short weeks—and with hundreds of cards rotating out of the Standard format, the game looks set to change dramatically.

While the original Elise Starseeker from the League of Explorers set is rotating out, a new version of the character is being added as she plays a key role in the lore of the set.

A five mana 5/5, this new version of Elise is unlike anything seen before in Hearthstone. When you play Elise it shuffles an Un’Goro pack into your deck. When that is played, the pack opening animation happens mid-game and five random cards from the set are added to your hand.

If that isn’t enough randomness for you, the new Warrior epic Explore Un’Goro takes it to a whole new level. The spell replaces all of the cards in your deck with cards that simply say “Discover a card”.

Priest is a class headed for a very uncertain period. The Year of the Mammoth set rotation takes out most of the power of the two most common Priest decks, Reno and Dragon. Blizzard is clearly cognisant of this, and are trying to give the class some new options. Tortollan Shellraiser is a four mana 3/6 taunt which also buffs a friendly minion.

The stream also revealed the second Quest card, this time for the Warlock class. Lakkari Sacrifice requires the player to discard six cards, before summoning a permanent portal that creates 3/2 imps. It remains to be seen how viable Quest decks will be—or if they are, how the lack of interactivity will affect the game. Lakkari Felhound will also help push the viability of the quest as a strong discard minion.

Of the neutral minions released, Golakka Crawler has players the most excited—if only because it’s a Hungry Crab for Pirates.