Pokémon Go’s Abra Community Day is now live

The event runs from 11am till 5pm local time.

This month’s Pokémon Go Community Day is now live, with multiple Abras spawning across parts of the world from 11am till 5pm local time.

As usual, you’ll have a chance to find Shiny variants of Abra during this time, and should you evolve an Abra all the way to Alakazam, it will learn the exclusive move Counter.

The event has been tweaked substantially to deal with the current Coronavirus pandemic with the event lasting a lot longer than usual. The event is also offered three times to the amount of capture Stardust and three-hour Incense lures to help those trapped at home increase their chances of finding a Shiny.

A new event pass, which costs less than $1, has also been added to the shop. When you purchase it, it unlocks Special Research that ties with the Community Day as well as guaranteeing players at least one Shiny Abra should they complete all the tasks before 5pm local time.

In addition to that, Niantic has also released a new code to get 20 Great Balls and 20 Razz Berries. That code is MDWC4SNGUFXS2SW9.