Perfect World Announces DAC 2017

Two years after the original Dota 2 Asia Championships, the event is back in the absence of a China Major.

Perfect World, the distributors of Dota 2 in China, have updated the dota2.com.cn website with a page announcing the 2017 Dota 2 Asia Championships. Four teams have been invited: Evil Geniuses, Newbee, OG, and Wings Gaming. The event will have six more slots for a China qualifier, along with one more qualifier slot for each other region. 

Aside from the Chinese qualifiers, which will take place from Jan. 13 to 15, no dates have been confirmed for the regional qualifiers.

The offline event will take place in Shanghai, with the group stages taking place from March 28 to 30, and the main event from April 1 to 4. As always, the event will be available to watch through the Dota 2 Client. 

The first Dota 2 Asia Championships paved the way for the Major System we have today, and has been the only event with a compendium created by Valve for an event not run by Valve themselves. A possible reason why we did not see a DAC 2016 would be because of the Shanghai Major. 

Source: The Official Chinese Dota 2 Blog

Art Credit: Valve Software

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