Overwatch’s new comic has inspired a lot of new fan art

And we expect even more as the new King's Row Uprising event rolls in.

Uprising, the new Overwatch comic released by Blizzard on Wednesday, is a look back into the beginnings of our favorite Overwatch heroes.

Tracer is still in training, Genji is a Blackwatch member, and Gabriel Reyes—also known as Reaper—is still a good guy. An uprising of omnic terrorists, however, threatens everything they’ve built, and Overwatch is limited in what they can do to help.

Despite being, essentially, superheroes, Overwatch’s characters are relatable. They’re well-rounded, diverse heroes—flawed and struggling. Good and bad. For that, Blizzard’s characters are beloved: With each comic or digital short released, fans only become more enamored with the franchise.

And one way to express that love is to create fan art. If we’re judging Uprising’s popularity based on fan art output, Blizzard is likely very happy right now. Just days after the comic’s release, fans began showcasing their doodles and drawings based off characters’ Uprising looks. Most notably, there’s a whole lot of Blackwatch Genji, Doctor Mercy, and Cadet Tracer.

Is Blackwatch Genji the new Hot Zenyatta? If we’re basing the answer off fan art, then our guess is yes. We expect the fan art to continue rolling in well after the King’s Row Uprising event launches on April 11.