Someone made an Overwatch and Super Smash Bros. mashup in Workshop—and it’s amazing

This is the mashup we deserve.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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It’s only been a day since Blizzard released Overwatch’s new Workshop mode and we already have a Super Smash Bros. and Overwatch mashup.

Fans have jokingly entertained the idea of a mashup like this for years and it’s finally here thanks to Reddit user Zefoxmusic.

Like Smash Bros., the Overwatch version tracks damage done to opponents. Obviously, the mode lacks the side-scrolling camera of Smash Bros., and there are no damage trackers at the bottom of the screen, but the creator got pretty close to creating a solid Overwatch version of Smash Bros.

As your damage increases, your character is knocked farther and farther into the air. Ultimately, you’ll be booted off the map once your damage reaches a critical point. Your damage will be visible to other players in the form of a floating white number above your head.

While the creator said that they’ll be making further tweaks to the mode, it’s actually a solid mashup of the two major titles. One improvement that the creator has already made is that players now take damage when knocked into objects around the map.

It’s exciting to see fans breathe new life into Overwatch in ways that are both creative and inherently fun to explore. If you have the Public Test Region (PTR) downloaded, you can access the improved mode by entering the code: SMQPR.

Pro tip: Use Genji or Doomfist so you can dash back onto the map if you’re knocked off—Hammond also works.