Overwatch Halloween Event Details Found

The internet has won once again. Some leaked info on an Overwatch Halloween event has been found.

Halloween is right around the corner. With that being said, why not go ahead and make some fun events in your favorite games?

Some new information has come out about a Halloween-themed event inside of Overwatch that will be similar to the summer event held during the Summer Olympics this year. Special character skins, emotes, sprays and other in-game goodies will be unlockable through special Halloween-themed loot boxes. Someone has graciously uploaded the pictures of all the new skins that can be unlocked HERE. The upload was done anonymously but, according to further research, most of the info can be credited to Reddit user ChronosHero. He provided screenshots of the loot boxes found in the Xbox Live Store on his Xbox One console. 

More of these screenshots can be found in his Reddit post linked above. In this description of the event, it is said to end on Nov. 11. This means that the event should be starting today if the time for the event matches the summer event (which ran for a month). So be on the lookout for your Overwatch to ask you for an update if the rumors are at all true. 

The exclusive game mode is rumoured to be a “horde mode” type. It mentions a Halloween mode that took place in a castle, featuring “the Zomnics and Dr. Junkenstein’s evil allies” which shows what seems to be Junkrat and Roadhog in their new Halloween-themed skins seen in the screenshot below found on the Overwatch site from Taiwan.

This recent news also has fans buzzing about the new hero, “Sombra” which has been said to be the next to release. It has been rumored that her release would come with this event. In her story, Sombra is said to be dealing with Los Muertos’ gang, which kind of ties in to the Halloween theme. Once again, this is all speculation, but it should all come to light pretty soon. Blizzard has not confirmed any of this information. 

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