New scorestreak XS1 Goliath arrives in Call of Duty: Mobile

It is quite easy to unlock the scorestreak.

Image via Activision

The newest scorestreak which has dropped in Call of Duty: Mobile is the XS1 Goliath. The scorestreak gives the player armor along with a minigun which has endless ammo.

The XS1 Goliath can be unlocked by everyone by participating in the XS1 Goliath Challenge. Players have to complete missions to progress in the challenge to unlock the scorestreak. The missions are quite simple. Some of them are:

  • Log in one total day
  • Play one multiplayer match
  • Play three multiplayer matches
  • Log in a total of two days
  • Log in a total of three days

The challenge will run till Feb. 13 so everyone has a chance to unlock the XS1 Goliath.

The XS1 Goliath scorestreak can be activated on getting 900 points in a match without dying. When it is activated, players can throw a flare on the ground and a few seconds later will find a pod dropping from the sky on that location. Players have to activate the pod to equip the scorestreak.

The XS1 Goliath equips the player with a complete body armor making it a hassle for the opposing team to take him down. Also, the player gets a minigun with endless ammo. The minigun does overheat on being used continuously for a long time, however.