New Candy XL bonuses are now live in Pokémon Go

There are more guaranteed ways to get Candy XL now.

Image via Niantic

As promised in its March update blog, Niantic has pushed some changes live for Candy XL that will help players obtain more of the valuable resource in Pokémon Go.

For new or returning players, Candy XL is a separate type of Candy used to help push Pokémon beyond the previous level cap of level 40. To get a Pokémon to the new level 50 cap, you’ll need to use Candy XL to push the Pokémon’s CP to the max. 

Previously, it was somewhat difficult to collect large amounts of Candy XL while playing Pokémon Go. But this new update has changed that. Now, players will receive guaranteed Candy XL after capturing specific Pokémon, which include evolved Pokémon, legendary Pokémon, or Mythical Pokémon.

Here’s how this new bonus system breaks down. 

  • Base stage Pokémon: No guaranteed Candy XL
  • Stage one Pokémon: One Candy XL
  • Stage two Pokémon: Two Candy XL
  • Legendary/mythical Pokémon: Three Candy XL

Along with a guaranteed capture bonus, players will also have a chance at receiving Candy XL when trading Pokémon with friends. The chance of receiving the Candy XL increases the greater the distance between a Pokémon received in the trade and its original capture location is, which promotes trying to trade with friends from around the world. 

Likewise, walking with your Buddy Pokémon can earn you Candy XL, too.


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