New Apex-themed cosmetics arrive in FIFA Ultimate Team

Outfit the legends of the game like the legends of the Outlands.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Two of EA’s biggest and most profitable properties announced a crossover event on Friday, with Apex Legends-themed cosmetics making their way to FIFA Ultimate Team in the Legends Collection. Nothing says “soccer simulation game” like kits and tifos inspired by an otherworldly first-person shooter, right?

If you’ve ever thought to yourself “I finally got icon Pele on my FUT team, but I really think he’d look great dressed up like Octane,” you’re in luck.

Players can unlock customization options for their team and stadium in the form of a new tifo featuring several of Apex’s legends on Olympus, as well as a new VIP area that can be added. The collaboration also adds three new kits that players can outfit their squads in, all based on Apex character designs. The Gibraltar kit gives a nod to the character’s Pacific Islander roots with the pattern on the front of the shirt. The Octane set features the legend’s trademark facemask across the abdomen. Finally, there’s the Wraith kit, which features phase graphics reminiscent of Wraith’s abilities, as well as some asymmetric striping that looks like Wraith’s jacket.

This is the first crossover event between Apex Legends and FIFA. While the two games might not share much in common on the surface, the collaboration makes sense in two very important areas: they’re both EA games and they both make the company a lot of money. Like, a lot of money. Exact figures are a little difficult to tell, but the combined earnings of both games are well above a billion dollars a year.

They’re both popular games, and they’re both games with proven track record when it comes to players spending money, so they’re getting a crossover event. And if the event sees any sort of success, we’ll probably see more of this type of crossover in the future.

The Legends Ultimate Bundle is available in FIFA 22 now, complete with kits, tifos, VIP area, and even a few badges thrown in. The bundle will be available until April 8 and will cost players 180,000 FIFA coins or 1,500 FIFA points.