Master Yi Buffs coming in Patch 7.2

Master Yi will be buffed in the near future.

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Riot Meddler is at it again on the message board, teasing more updates to champions.

Earlier today, Meddler discussed potential Vladimir changes on the message boards. Now, Master Yi is on the board.

On the topic of Master Yi, Meddler was a litte vague, simply stating that “We’re about to start on some Master Yi work aimed at increasing his power. Unsure on which patch that’ll be in, depends on how it goes (could be 7.2, could be later).”

The news is sure to excite the few Yi mains out there and enrage the rest of the community, considering just how scary and strong Yi can be in solo queue when he is in the right hands. Though nothing is specific yet, expect a Yi buff to come sometime soon.

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