Macaiyla has been permanently banned from League of Legends for toxicity

Macaiyla can still create a new account to circumvent the ban, however.

Screengrab via Twitch.TV/Macaiyla
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Popular Twitch streamer Macaiyla is among the 0.006 percent of players to be permanently banned from League of Legends due to toxicity. 

The streamer opened her League client to see that her account was suspended on Nov. 12, with several chat logs displaying her toxic behavior. But Macaiyla can create a new account and continue to play League

Several users immediately posted comments making the distinction between Macaiyla and her boyfriend, Tyler1. But Macaiyla expressed her disagreement with the comparison.

“You’re such white knights, he doesn’t give a fuck about you by the way,” Macaiyla said. “I love how you guys white knight him so much but he literally does this exact shit on stream and it’s crazy, but you love him so much.”

She said that her viewers have an “obsession” with Tyler1. “You have to understand, he does a lot of worse things than other people do in League,” Macaiyla said. 

This ban is more lenient than Tyler1’s punishment in 2016. Dubbed the most toxic player in North America, Tyler1 was permanently ID banned by Riot Games, meaning that he couldn’t make additional accounts to circumvent the ban. Following his reformed campaign and a two-year wait, Tyler1 was unbanned from League in 2018

If Macaiyla continues her reported toxic behavior, she could face a harsh penalty similar to Tyler1’s ban in 2016. 

Correction Nov. 14 8:09am CT: Macaiyla wasn’t banned from League on Nov. 12. Instead, she was looking to appeal her ban on the account. We regret this error.