LPL Week 3: Top 3 Picks for Each Role

This article contains the top 3 roles for LPL week 3. You will notice some similarities and differences with LCK, which I will add after the top three lists.


This article contains the top 3 roles for LPL week 3. You will notice some similarities and differences with LCK, which I will add after the top three lists. Also note, I added ban+pick % to make it clearer on the priority teams put on certain champions.


Top Lane

#1 Hecarim

#2 Fizz

#3 Maokai

Compared to the LCK you notice that there is no Rumble. Rumble was ban/picked for just 12.50% of the games. However, Hecarim and Fizz who are big snowballing top champions are being prioritized more.  

Hecarim is a great snowballing champion in the top lane. He has the best teleporting ganks/flanks in the game thanks to homeguards increasing his damage by massive amounts. He has decent sustain in lane thanks to his W. If Hecarim gets ahead he can big impacts on the game and if your team is behind all you need is a good flank with follow up CC/burst. Hecarim had a 45.83% ban rate, 50% pick rate, and was banned/picked for 95.83% of the games.

Fizz is the second best top laner in week 3 for LPL. Fizz is a bit strange at first because he is known as a AP assassin, but when you add challenging smite to Fizz not only is his constant damage from W add up, but he still provides a good amount of burst when going tanky. Fizz also has playful tricks to get out of ganks. Like Hecarim, Fizz is a big snowballing top lane champion, but unlike Hecarim Fizz will be less effective when behind. Hecarim can masquerade this a bit by getting a large amount of damage from homeguards and his ultimate has a bigger impact in team fights versus Fizz’s ultimate being more of a pick tool. One great thing about having someone who can play Fizz top though is he can become a flex pick. If you can play mind games in champ select with a Fizz pick then it can give you a strategic advantage. Fizz’s pick rate was 45.83%, had a 33.33% ban rate, and was banned/picked for 75% of the games.

Maokai doesn’t need to be explained much. He is a sturdy tank who does relatively well in every match up. If he gets behind he won’t be as effective in team fights, but he can still tank a bit. Maokai had a pick rate of 45.83%, 12.50% ban rate, and banned/picked for 58.33% of the games.


Mid Lane

#1 Azir

#2 Leblanc

#3 Cassiopia


There isn’t exactly just one mid laner dominating in the LPL. Orianna saw a lot of action this week, but it’s Azir who remains on top with Leblanc right behind. Viktor also isn’t included in #3 compared to LCK. I assume LPL will bring him out more for week 4.

Azir can control the choke points and objectives as long as his flanks are covered. He also doesn’t have many bad lane match ups in the mid lane making him a great pick for several different cops. Azir finished with a pick rate of 29.17%, ban rate of 33.33%, and combined ban/pick rate for 62.50% of the games.

Leblanc continues being a dreaded pick to face since teams fear her snowballing in lane. She also isn’t the easiest lane to gank. Leblanc finished with a 29.17% pick rate, 41.67% ban rate, and combined pick/ban rate for 62.50% of the games.

Cassiopia remains the third place mid lane pick still. She offers the burst and sustain in lane, but due to the slight nerfs she isn’t prioritized as much. Cassiopia finished with a 33.33% pick rate, 20.83% ban rate, and was pick/banned for 58.33% of the games.



#1 Gragas

#2 Rek’sai

#3 Sejuani

Gragas is the king of jungle still. He is picked with Fizz top often this week and Gragas just fills so many different roles as a jungler. Gragas had a 45.83% pick rate, 54.17% ban rate, and a pick/ban rate of 100%.

Rek’sai remains the second best pick in jungle. He offers the global presence along with good early game presence without sacrificing what he can do in the late game like Leesin. Rek’sai had a 41.67% pick rate, 33.33% ban rate, and had a combined 75% ban/pick rate for all the games.

Sejuani is still in the third spot for junglers. She has a good CC along with becoming a massive tank in the late game. Her down fall compared to Gragas and Rek’sai is not having a good early game which Gragas/Rek’sai can take advantage of. Sejuani had a 37.50% pick rate, 4.17% ban rate, and had a 37.50% ban/pick rate.



#1 Alistar

#2 Thresh

#3 Janna/Nautilus


Alistar will remain on top for a while. He is too useful in far too many situations thanks to his tankiness, CC, and sustain in lane. Alistar had a 25% pick rate, 70.83% ban rate, and a combined 95.83% pick/ban rate.

Thresh has switched spots with Nautilus compared to LCK. Thresh offers the lantern for the more smite top laners that LPL runs such as Hecarim and Fizz. He is also a very well rounded support that LPL players can depend on. Thresh had a 45.83% pick rate, 12.50% ban rate, and combined 58.33% ban/pick rate.

Janna and Nautilus share the third spot. Janna is great for disengaging the heavy diving compositions that can occur thanks to Sivir’s ultimate and Hecarim and Fizz being played more in the top lane. Janna had a 41.67% pick rate, 12.50% ban rate, and combined 54.17% ban/pick rate.

Nautilus is very CC heavy support who can offer great trades in 2v2 situations if he lands a hook. He had a 50% pick rate, 0% ban rate, and combined 50% ban/pick rate.



#1 Kalista

#2 Sivir

#3 Vayne


Vayne replaced Corki for the third spot compared to LCK week 3. LPL teams like fighting over objectives more and Vayne offers better skirmishing compared to Corki.

No surprise here, Kalista remains at the top. She is too strong and every region respects what she brings to the early game and vision. Kalista had an 8.33% pick rate, 91.67% ban rate, and combined 100% ban/pick rate.

Sivir has become a very scary pick thanks to synergizing with Hecarim and giving Fizz a higher chance to catch someone out. Sivir also uniquely brings wave clear for teams that don’t have any in the top or mid lane. Sivir had a 58.33% pick rate, 33.33% ban rate, and a combined 91.67% ban/pick rate.

Vayne Vayne Vayne Vayne. Do I need to say more? Vayne is considered a small counter to Sivir and can go along well with Varus mid. However, Vayne can still be punished harder than other ADC’s so it’s up the skill of the user to make it happen. Vayne had a 29.17% pick rate, 8.33% ban rate, and a combined 37.50% pick/ban rate.

Credit towards leaguesplash for the Chinese splash art and towards lolesports for the regular splash arts. Finally, credit towards lol.esportspedia.com for making it much quicker to tally up all the picks and bans for the LPL.