Leaked CoD Mobile map reportedly includes real Tencent building

Smaller than Nuketown, the map will bring the players to a modern city under construction.

Image via Activision

YouTuber Viiper Gaming leaked the next Call of Duty Mobile map called Cage earlier today. It’s exclusive to the mobile game and wasn’t released in any previous Call of Duty game.

Your aim will be challenged on Cage. The map is reportedly smaller than the legendary map, Nuketown. As seen in the screengrab below, it’s split into two main routes. It looks quite simple, but the main challenge lies in taking the high ground and peeking through windows to win, as seen in the gameplay video. It seems like a perfect map for snipers.

Screengrab via Viiper Gaming

The video also showed a particular building that’s reportedly the real building of Tencent’s headquarters in Shenzhen, China. The CoD Mobile devs modeled it into this map. It can be recognized by its three modern-style walkways.

The CoD Mobile season three update is scheduled for Jan. 22. In addition to the upcoming map, some weapon skins and new operators were leaked. Some of them are Lunar New Year-themed. Although some upcoming features were leaked, Activision has yet to officially reveal the content of the upcoming season.

Meanwhile, you have until Jan. 7 to purchase the Dream Crystal weapon crate to have a chance to get the legendary Pharo skin or one of the other weapon skins. The Battle Royale Sniper challenge is also still available and will end on Jan. 9. CoD Mobile players have 14 days before season two ends.