Lead programmer of Skullgirls turns down potential job offer for Riot’s upcoming fighting game

MikeZ cited Riot’s harassment allegations as the reason for his rejection.

Image via Riot Games

The lead programmer of Skullgirls, Mike “MikeZ” Zaimont, has rejected a prospective job offer from Riot Games to work on its upcoming fighting game.

Zaimont revealed the news in a tweet last night, citing Riot’s harassment allegations as the grounds for his refusal to work for the company.

The Skullgirls developer showed fans an email from the company that seemingly tried to poach Zaimont as a design leader for a fighting game that may have a “multigame future.” Zaimont isn’t interested, however.

“Even if I didn’t *love* my job at [Lab Zero Games], the COO dude who touched people’s balls and farted in their faces at meetings is still employed there,” Zaimont said. “And all the other stuff.”

Zaimont references Riot’s chief operating officer Scott Gelb’s current employment at the company, who allegedly farted near employees’ faces as well as inappropriately touched them, as the reason why he wouldn’t consider the offer.

Not much is known about Riot’s upcoming fighting game, which was announced by Evo founder and Riot employee Tom Cannon on the first day of Evo 2019. Fans don’t know if it’ll be linked to League of Legends lore and their search for a design leader implies that its development is still in its infancy.