IN CASE YOU MISSED IT League of Legends

In This article we recap the other league tournaments that go on during the week.

In the NALCS we had the Immortals going on to 8-0 on the year extending Reignover, and Huni’s regular season win streaks to 28 wins the last time those two have lost a game in the regular season was week 8 of the 2015 spring split against UOL. In the LPL Qiao GU Reapers are undefeated in group A while LGD struggles. There’re are many other things going on in the bigger regions like the EULCS, and LCK, but I wanted to spotlight some of the smaller league tournaments that could use the shine. I’m going to recap some of these game just in case you missed it.

In the ULoL Campus Series we had Harvard University going up against Boston University in a best of two. Boston would go on to take the series winning both games to move up the standings putting them three points behind York University who sits at fifth place with six points. Boston’s Crown me would end the two game series going 10/2/12 in the route dying only once in each game. Crown Me lead in CS as well beating his opposition beating him by over 40 CS per game. Top lane also had a player who shined in the form of Boston U’s EdiSpaghetti who posted a great game on one of my favorite champions Irelia. EdiSpaghetti in game one against Harvard would go 11/4/8 scoring the most kills on the team in game one. Harvard had a good showing from their Top laner Pfohobear despite losing both games in the series, but posting two well played games on Ryze against Boston U.

Moving on to a much smaller region we have the LJL Where we have Detonation Focus Me looking to stay perfect this season playing Team Black Eye who have been struggling thus far, and this series would be no different. DFM’s Yutapon have an easy time in top against Arfoad often times fighting him between two towers, and with bot and mid winning out as well for DFM leaving the Black Eye jungler Serick with little to do other than farm. Yutapon’s Fiora left Black with very little approaches on how to handle the situation. The DFM team composition also made it easy for Catch to hit some max distance spears to finish off targets.  In game two DFM’s support Eternal really cracked the game open catching BE’s bot lane unprepared, and setting Catch to come up with three kills which BE could not recover from which is a shame, because up until that point BE found kills and was close in gold. The second match had Unsold Stuff Gaming pulling the upset against CROOZ Rascal Jester wining both games only giving seven kills between the two games with game 2 being a 15-1 blowout.  The third match had 7th Heaven try to upset Rampage, and while they gave them a run for their money the difference in skill was just too vast. In the games where Rampage would win 7th Heaven would be blown out, and in the game they won it was a lot closer. Rampage’s jungle Tussle played well on the carry jungles he played in both game one, and three going Nidalee, and Graves respectively. This win has Rampage behind DFM in the standings at 3-1 the two teams are set to square off in round 6.

League has a lot going for it outside of the main leagues with the ULOL Campus Series, and the L JL both in full swing. Check in next week to catch up with these leagues, and to see what other games were going on during the very long LOL competitive week.