How will SEA teams qualify for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021?

Each country will have atleast one representative in the event.

Image via Tencent

The 2021 season for PUBG Mobile esports is currently underway. It has a total prize pool of $14 million which is split across several regions and tournaments.

One of the largest regions for PUBG Mobile is Southeast Asia. The region is made up of four leagues in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia/Singapore, and Vietnam. In each country, separate Club Opens (PMCO) are held as well that determine the teams in the Pro Leagues (PMPL).

From here, the top teams qualify for the SEA Championship to crown a regional champion. There are two seasons (seasons three and four) of each tournament in 2021.

While there is plenty of prize money for the teams to fight for throughout the year, the main goal is to qualify for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2021. This will likely be an offline event at the end of the year to crown a world champion.

Unlike last year, the process of qualification for it is a bit complicated in 2021.

Screengrab via PUBG Mobile Esports

PMPL SEA Championship season four

The fourth season of the PMPL SEA Championship will be held towards the end of 2021, before the PMGC.

From here, the top teams will make it to the PMGC. Tencent hasn’t revealed how many teams will qualify for the PMGC though.

The PMPL SEA Championship season three will not be used to determine the teams in the PMGC. However, the top two teams from the third season, which concluded last month–The Infinity and Evos Reborn–will make it to the fourth season to have a shot at qualification.

Country-wise qualification

Every match in the country-specific PMPLs will now count towards qualification for the Global Championship.

The team with the highest total score from the third and fourth seasons of the regional PMPLs will make it to the PMGC. This includes the total score earned in the Super Weekends and the country finals.

This means that there will be at least one team from Indonesia, Singapore Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand in the PMGC 2021.