How to parry and perfect shield in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Go on the counter attack!

Image via Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a bunch of advanced techniques that players can master in their spare time.

One of these techniques, known as parrying (or perfect shielding, depending on who you ask) is the perfect counter-attack technique that can give you a window to set up your devastating combos against the opposition.

If you can master it, you could potentially turn around any dire situation against an aggressive opponent or set up the possibility of a massive comeback against a tough foe.

To parry, you need to press the shield button right before you’re hit and release it at the perfect time to pull off a perfect shield. The move completely nullifies the opponent’s attack and leaves them completely defenseless for a counter attack for a few short moments.

The trick is incredibly complex and will require you to time your shield just right, so learning each character’s frame data is key. It might be an idea to spend sometime in training to master this move before jumping into a competitive bout.

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