How to get the Fall Guys Bean-117 back attachment in the Halo Master Chief Collection

Give the Covenant back their bean.

Image via 343 Studios.

Fall Guys is seemingly looking to rival Fortnite with the amount of crossovers and cross-promotions it’s a part of, having crossed paths with Fortnite, Rocket League, and Assassin’s Creed since going free-to-play less than a month prior. Now comes a collaboration with Halo, one that sees cosmetic items go both ways.

Beginning June 30, Fall Guys players will be able to access a collection of new Halo-inspired cosmetics during the Spartan Showdown in-game event. But the dedicated Halo fans playing the Master Chief Collection won’t be left out; they can acquire the Bean-117 back attachment for Halo 3 multiplayer.

Here’s you can put Bean-117 on your back.

How to add the Fall Guys Bean-117 back attachment in Halo 3

Open the Master Chief Collection via Steam or the Xbox app, and the Fall Guys Bean-117 back attachment should be added to your inventory. There’s no special challenge in either game you have to accomplish, no account link, or any extra step.

To equip the Fall Guys Bean-117 back attachment in MCC, go to Options and Career, then go to the Armor Customization options, and select Halo 3. Under the Armor category, scroll down to Back Accessory. There should be a variety of shields and packs you can equip on your back. Select Bean-117.

Save your changes, and in your next multiplayer map in Halo 3, you’ll have Bean-117 watching your back.