How to get an Early Access code in Scavengers

A new challengers emerges from the shadows.

Image via Improbable

When the battle royale genre emerged, the scene became flooded with the clones of the most successful titles in the industry. After names like Fortnite and PUBG assured their position on the market, new releases had to adapt and come up with something new to spice up the genre.

Developed by Midwinter Entertainment, Scavengers features a unique take on battle royales. While taking down enemy players have been the prime objective of most battle royales, Scanvengers adds PvE element to the mix.

Matches in Scavengers are point-based and players will collect points from defeating NPCs and collecting resources. Though you’ll still be able to engage in a fight with another squad, it may end up being a waste of time if they don’t have anything that you need. 

The devs are currently looking for a full release later this year, but with the Early Access just kicking off, fans on PCs won’t have to wait much longer.

Here’s how you can get access to Scavengers’ Early Access and jump right into the action.

How can you get an Early Access code for Scavengers?

Scavengers went live with a celebratory event that is taking place on Twitch. The Early Access is only available for players on PC (Steam) and the Early Access codes are being handed out in the forms of Twitch drops.

  • Even if you have Twitch drops enabled on your account, you’ll need to create an Improbable game account.
    • Signing in with your Twitch account looks to be the fastest way if you’re looking to secure an Early Access key as soon as possible.
    • If you choose to create an account with your Twitch details, you’ll be asked to give permission to Improbable so they can track your track time and reward you with an Early Access key once you complete a certain threshold.
  • After creating an Improbable account and authorizing the publisher on Twitch, your account will be eligible for drops
  • Despite the drop in the name, the event isn’t luck-based at all and you’ll just need to watch 30 minutes of Scavengers to obtain your own Early Access key.
  • This key will be sent to your Twitch account in the form of a drop and after accepting the drop, you’ll receive an email containing a Steam Key for the game.
  • Once you receive your key, you’ll need to redeem it on Steam and Scavengers will become available for download right after doing so.