How to enable Streamer Mode in New World

Hide away from unwanted interactions.

Image via Amazon Studios

After two massively successful beta tests, New World has launched.

Accompanying its release was a list of changes to the game, including the addition of a new Streamer Mode that wasn’t present during either beta phase.

New World encourages players to play amongst communities. For streamers, this means that teaming up alongside their viewers can be extremely valuable in progressing in-game. With having a fanbase in the same server you’ll likely be showered with notifications, however, and the new Streamer Mode looks to remedy this problem.

How to turn on Streamer Mode in New World

Image via Amazon Games

Turning on Streamer Mode in New World is simple and can be done at any point in your adventure. There are two different ways that this mode can be enabled or disabled.

  • The first way to toggle Streamer Mode is by typing “/busy” or “/dnd” in the chat.
  • Another way to turn the mode on is by heading to the “Social” tab within the settings menu.

When active, you’ll have notifications hidden as well as avoid interactions with other players. You don’t need to be live or a streamer to use the features of this mode, and can simply achieve the same results by turning it on.

It’s that simple. If you plan to stream New World but are worried about notifications or player interaction then don’t look past using this brand new feature live in the game.