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How to counter the Infinity Blade in Fortnite

Or at least try to.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s first Mythic weapon, the Infinity Blade, is too strong.

Players who get the Infinity Blade become a true menace. They can instantly harvest materials from buildings with a slash, they get 200 health and shield, 30 percent more movement speed, regenerate health passively or every time they get an elimination, and get a powerful leap ability that can destroy every structure in their path.

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Countering the Infinity blade is tough. Once a player wielding it jumps towards you, no weapon spray will be enough to kill them. But there are very few ways to protect yourself from the slash and kill someone who has the Infinity Blade.


Hope you find Balloons and never let them go. Since Fortnite season seven debuted, players can now shoot while floating with Balloons. Being high in the sky counters the lack of range of the Infinity Blade. Its wielder can leap upwards and try to hit you, but not if you’re floating very high. And at least the leap won’t deal you 75 damage like a slash on the ground would.

Take advantage of Balloons, float over your opponent and hit headshots to melt down the Infinity Blade.


Planes to counter the Infinity Blade follow the same logic as Balloons. You’re flying so high that you’re unreachable. Use the plane’s turret to deal damage or shift seats quickly to spray the wielder down with another weapon.

This strategy is harder to pull off because the plane flies fast and is harder to control than Balloons, but it could work especially well against wielders with low health and shield.

Perfect timing

This is nearly impossible, but could work in theory. If you are on the ground facing the sword, build a wall. As soon as you place it, the player with the sword will slash it down. When they do, shot them in the head with a Shotgun and build another structure between you and the player. Maybe run back a bit.

Build again, switch to your shotgun or another weapon, and shoot again. Do that until the opponent is down.

Unfortunately, it’s more likely that you’ll end up in a situation where the player with the blade is so close to you that your structures won’t separate you both. Anyway, it’s worth a try if you’re feeling lucky and inspired.

If you want consistency to counter the Infinity Blade, go look for some Balloons and pray.