How to complete the “Torchlight reveals the hour” Sacred Land quest in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s World of Light

The Sacred Land is full of tricks.

Screengrab via Nintendo

After progressing through Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s adventure mode, World of Light, you should come across an area known as the “Sacred Land.”

You’ll need to complete a bunch of puzzles to progress through the game. One of these puzzles is known as “Torchlight reveals the hour,” which tasks you with finding the secret time password to continue your journey.

Screengrab via Nintendo
Screengrab via Nintendo

To complete the quest, head to the owl statue located north of the clock-like area. By clicking on it, the owl will reveal a set of numbers as if it’s telling the time. It’s your job to match the red and blue torches with that number.

The clock starts with 12 on the top and then goes to one with the next torch to the right. The number goes up by one with each torch located in a clockwise fashion until it comes back to 12 again.

The left number given to you by the owl is for the red torches, while the right number is for the blue torches. After you activate the correct torches, the puzzle will be complete and you can continue on with your quest.