How to answer all of the Mysterious Dimension questions in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Each one rewards you with huge rewards and characters, so its worth knowing the answers.

The Mysterious Dimension is one of the last areas you visit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Adventure Mode, World of Light.

The area tests your knowledge of all the games represented in Ultimate with a series of questions to create paths that link you to more questions, secret fighters, and rewards.

There are 11 questions in total within spiraling paths and new secret areas. If you come across any of them, these are the answers you’ll need.

1) Which of these can float in the air?
Winged Pikmin
2) Which of these usually sells furniture?
3) Which of these is a Nopon?
4) Which spirit is the King of Twilight?
5) Who among these spirits is a scientist?
6) Which group hails from Inkopolis?
Off the Hook
7) Which of these is Chrom’s younger sister?
8) Which spirit is part of Bowser’s army?
Lakitu & Spiny
9) Which spirit created the Subspace Army and waged war?
10) Who among the spirits can Kirby not inhale? (This one has two answers)
Whispy Woods
11) Which spirit fought alongside Alucard to defeat Dracula?
Trevor C. Belmont

Of course, you can fight the other Spirits in the world—but just make sure you challenge them after picking the right answer, or you might miss out on a chest.

If you do end up getting an answer wrong, don’t worry. The chests in this area don’t count toward getting 100 percent completion in Adventure Mode.