Here are all of the events coming to CoD Mobile in December

Activision gave insight into its work on CoD Mobile.

Image via Activision

Activision has revealed what CoD Mobile players should expect to see added to the game in December.

Players can collect a free sniper rifle skin by connecting to the game from Dec. 11 to the end of the year, according to Activision’s community update post today. This gift is meant to celebrate the fact that CoD Mobile was named Google Play’s Best Game of 2019.

The month of December will bring several events and new features until the end of the year:

  • Dec. 6 to 15: New Operator Skill, Gravity Spikes
  • Dec. 9 to 19: Add Friends and Team Up Event
    • Earn points to unlock the M21 EBR – Jackfrost
  • Dec. 13 to 19: One Shot, One Kill mode and challenge
  • Dec. 14 to TBD: The parade continues in Battle Royale
  • All December: Regular changes to the Battle Royale mode

Tips on how to win One Shot, One Kill matches will be given later, the developer said. Activision also confirmed that it’s working on several bugs reported by the community and ensured that it’s thoroughly listened to feedback on all subjects.

The end of the month will be filled with more events and features in CoD Mobile before welcoming in the new year.