Hearthstone daily login rewards start today

For the next week, everyone is getting free stuff.

Hearthstone is a “free to play” game—and that means that while you can earn cards and currency in-game, the easiest way is to pay money for them. Either way it takes some effort.

But for the next week, players can login every day and get something for free.

Starting today and running through April 5, just logging into Hearthstone will see your account credited with some kind of reward.

Today and on April 3, players will receive 50 gold. Tomorrow, players will receive a Mean Streets of Gadgetzan pack, and after 100 dust on March 31 the next two rewards will be packs from Whispers of the Old Gods and Journey to Un’Goro. The last two days will feature another Un’Goro pack and a specific Un’Goro card—the Volcanosaur, in gold.

Volcanosaur is a seven mana 5/6, with a battlecry to adapt twice.

All in all, if you log in every day during the period you’ll get four packs, 100 gold, and 100 dust just for turning the game on.

The week of rewards is to celebrate the new set rotation, the Year of the Mammoth, and the impending release of the Journey to Un’Goro expansion. No official release date has been revealed, but the login rewards have players speculating it won’t be too long now.